What is Picnic for the Planet? How can I get involved? Get answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions and then make plans to celebrate Earth Day with The Nature Conservancy!
What is Picnic for the Planet?
Picnic for the Planet is a celebration of the planet we live on, the food it provides and the people we share it with. In short it, the planet does a lot for us, we should take it out for lunch.

On and around Earth Day 2012 (April 22), people all around the world will be stepping outside and heading to their favorite outdoor spot to enjoy good food in the company of great people.

We’re throwing Picnic for the Planet events all around the world – or choose to host your own. Organizing a picnic is as simple as choosing a location and committing to show up. We want the experience to be as fun and easy as possible for all involved. The picnics do not need to be formal events, so they can be as simple (or as complex) as each organizer wants.
Who can participate?
Picnic for the Planet is open to all. The more the merrier!

You’ve sold me. How do I get involved?
Simple! Pick a location for your picnic, think of the people you’d like to come along and invite them. We’ve provided a few tools to help you.

Once your location, time and date are set, spread the word to your friends, family and community, invite them to come out and join the fun.
Would you like to see our photos?
Absolutely! We want to know how your picnic goes and hope that you’ll share tweets, photos, videos and stories with the world. To do so, just use the tag #picnic12 on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. If you’re a Flickr member, please use the tag picnic-TNC12.

I read that I can fundraise for my picnic. What does that mean?

The Conservancy works closely with the people who provide our food – farmers, ranchers and fishermen – all over the world. In order to protect the most vital habitats on Earth, we need your support. One way you can help us is by turning your picnic into a fundraiser! We challenge you to raise $250 for your picnic by encouraging your guests, friends and family to make a donation. Visit our Crowdrise page for more information.

Does my picnic have to be on Earth Day, the 22nd?
No, it can be in the week before, on Saturday, a few days after, whenever works best.

What about the weather?
Since there will be picnics all around the world, we can guarantee one thing: it will rain, somewhere! Pack an umbrella! And if you are willing to brave the elements, see the question below.
Our Picnic will be the best! How do I prove it?
Good for you! We’ll be looking for over-achievers in a whole host of categories, including…

  • Largest Picnic
  • Coldest Picnic
  • Wettest Picnic
  • Highest Altitude Picnic
  • Cleanest Picnic (most positive impact on the location)
  • Northernmost Picnic
  • Southernmost Picnic
  • Most Remote Picnic

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